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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

General Background

Well a little background before I start posting what's happened recently.

Got married on July 11th 2004 to Vanessa.

I read lots of books and comics some of which are deemed good by the majority of people.
I listen to lots of music most of which about 8 people on the planet have heard of. I know the 8 people ;)
I watch lots of films most of which I feel the need to buy on DVD, Ness isn't too happy about this, she not too happy about a huge amount of books either :)

I ride motorbikes but usually one at a time.

We (Ness and me) have two kittens. They are by definition insane but I think calling them Loki and Bast weren't a good start.

I have no interest in football (or in the off chance someone from the US reads this, soccer, although I have no interest in American football either ;) ) or in fact most sports that most people like. Hopefully this will change ie more people will see the light. ;)

I do love motorcycle racing and follow MotoGP, World Superbikes, and British Superbikes. I also like Sumo wrestling but haven't watched it in while.

I have friends some of them blog, links later when I try and sort out what I can do with this without stealing all my ideas from my friends. ;)

Sometimes I do work as well. Usual IT related stuff.


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