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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Am officially here and on the internet

Well after 15 days we are indeed pretty much settled in, I'm sure there is some unpacking still to do but that's pretty normal.

Got a net connection downstairs (the walls etc are too thick for wireless) by using two of these and remarkly it works. Network stuff over power cables, just a little scary.

So we got a car. It's a yello Chevy Spark, so yes the bananamobile.
And work gave me a scooter for a month, so far I've not scared too many locals as this 50cc hairdryer with wheels passes them :) and funnily enough the speedo needle does indeed bounce off the end pin. Slightly more than 65 kph apparently, obviously not on a public road.

And yes it is hot and humid. It might thunder tonight which will actually be quite nice (although the ride tomorrow will be interesting)


At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Alankar Trivedi said...

Well the car and scooter really highlights your gay appeal,long hair and leathers.


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