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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rain, frogs and lizards

Ok now living in paradise aparently, apart from I've seem more rain here in the last 3 months than in the last year in the UK.

Yep it's still about 30 degrees C but when the rainful is measured in feet not inches then somethings up. :)

A hurricane is going by in a few days about 1000 miles off somewhere so we're going to "get some weather" according to Ness :)
Just been told yesterday it eas expected to pass 1400 miles ssw and now it's 1040 ssw so it's getting closer, anyway that'll be fun. (Note to Mum and other relatives, it'll be fine and will miss by a long way)

The little fuffly bunnies of doom (or the cats) have started bringing in tiny little tree frogs, and small lizards. Bast just drops them on the floor and plays with them for a bit and then gets bored. Loki eats them. Anyway seeing as we felt that this was generally not very nice, I've taken to rescuing them.

Bast brought in a lizard the other day which was about 7 inchs or so long. Both ends were hanging out of her mouth, she dropped it and it decided to run up my leg and hide in my hair.

Anyway it was let lose in the garden so all well.

Oh and a tiger shark was caught off the coast a few weeks ago so even less chance of me swimming in the sea.


At 6:21 am, Blogger Adjustah said...

LOL! Yeah, our cats went through a whole "Godfather" phase, where all we got was the head on the doorstep. Gross. Wouldn't worry about sharks here - most of them stay well outside the reefline, and Lord knows where they caught that tiger.

At 7:26 am, Blogger Marcus said...

You see Adjustah, you say most of them, it's the few that get inside that worry me ;)


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