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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Don't chase away the aliens, they might be here to pick me up

Just re-installed Mame and am now playing Rtype :)

And yet again stuck on the big ship on section 3. I have done this in the past. (Urm spent a lot of time in the Student Union bar during the day playing Rtype 1 & 2, many many years ago) But not got past it since I have installed it. :(

On a completely un-related note. Went to some Bike Club racing a few months ago at Brands Hatch. (http://www.bemsee.co.uk/) Watched some friends go racing. Cherie Christian and various members of the Fiesty Racing team. Had a really good time and am planning on going again. (And if I get some money organised maybe give it a go ;) this is so not going to happen )

Cherie is one of the racers you can adopt at www.adopt-a-racer.org.uk so if you're interested and have some spare cash pop along.

Music: Skatenigs andThe Doors.


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