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Monday, August 28, 2006

Babylon 5

Well I've just finished the last episode of series 5. The last series faltered at the beginning (this isn't an new idea by any stretch of the imagination) with the Telepaths and I really don't know why. I personally just didn't like Bryon. Lyta's slow tranformation from lapdog to terrorist (or weapon of mass destruction) was convincing it's just the rest came over to me like Church of England wimps. (I'm not calling all COE people wimps but you know the stereotype).

Anyway the rest was on a par with series 2,3,or 4. The last few episodes were great, and the feeling of the story ending as everyone slowly left the station was one I personally identified with as I have left one country and moved to another. Ironically I've watched the entire 5 series run in my new home.

The final episode was as affecting as The Body from Buffy, obviously both eps deal with death and how you deal with it, in one the inevitable death of yourself, the other the death of a parent/friend.

I think I'll have a gap before I watch the movies and then Crusade. Because they're not as good and B5 is a great story that needs a pause before another lesser story is told in the same universe.

It does make me slightly pissed off that I got rid of the 3 novel trilogies before I moved, but that was my choice. Maybe with the new B5 tales anthologies TV show that going direct to DVD they may re-issue then (or even better release them as e-books)


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