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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Linux music players

For reasons that are far too un-important to go into here my home computer runs openSUSE 10.2 and my work laptop running Suse Linux enterprise desktop. I've tried to keep my work laptop pretty much supportable and also as Novell designed it. So on my home computer I use Amarok and for the one or two times I've played music on the laptop, I used Banshee.

Ok today I've been using the laptop to actually listen to music and actually do stuff with it. So got really frustrated with Banshee and finally installed Amarok, which is like so so much better.

Yep I understand Novell needs to push all mono type stuff which is cool. But Banshee plays songs really well whereas Amarok does that, and so much more.

Oh in case you're wondering both work fine with my 80GB iPod. To be honest Amarok is probably better than iTunes as well.

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