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Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's been a while

Well it's been a while, stuff has generally happened. Things have finished and other things have started.

And I appear to be the only person on the planet who just can't get into Halo3.
I suppose flying to England to try and sell my house might have put a small dent in my efforts of this but still :)

Regular blogging will now return


At 9:52 pm, Blogger dan said...

welcome back.

Finished Halo 3 yesterday. Do you have xbox live? I am itching to go through it in co-operative mode...

At 9:59 pm, Blogger Marcus said...

urm not at the moment. my trail has just run out and i haven't got round to buying a card.

Bermuda isn't a valid country for doing the credit card thingy

At 8:43 am, Blogger dan said...

yeah, I'm in the same boat. If you fancy some online action though I'm sure we could arrange something.

email me your gamertag...


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