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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Real US Grand Prix

Well I was wrong and right.

Rossi made it to 3rd on the grid (MotoGP has 3 postions a row so on the front row) but didn't win, he came third behind Colin Edwards (2nd) and Nicky Hayden, who got his first ever MotoGP win.

Nicky and Colin had ridden the track many times before but that doesn't take anything away from either of them. Both rode an brilliant ride. Nicky was 2nd in the first free practice and then first in every session.

Rossi did however extend his lead on the championship to 79 points (that's over 3 wins clear) so he was pretty happy as well


At 2:37 am, Blogger Helen said...

I'm pretty I watched this race that summer.

I love(d) Rossi.

...does this kind of blog email you when you receive comments way after the fact?

...ps movie night just ended, this is the only reason I'm not asleep


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