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Friday, December 23, 2005

Bermuda at Christmas

Well so far the weather has been warm (about 17-20 degress C) but overcast and rainy. I think I'll ask for a refund.

Have had 5 interviews and think I should be getting some sort of offer out of 4 of them (although I have an technical interview with one of them which I could mess up). All 4 looks like they are interesting places to work. Basically all of them were supporting/consultanting for external customers. And I need to get my MCSE for all of them.

Have also passed my Bermuda driving test, which was a fun few days of sitting in the Bermuda vechicle licensing place. (The Transport Control Dept. TCD)

Saw Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. My feeling about the film may be slightly biased by the group of people talking and then indeed snoring behind me. Generally thought it was ok The fantastic characters fit within the film very well, possible because the children playing the humans were a bit silted. But I seem to remember the characters in the book being as silted.So it may not have been the actors faults. Although the girl playing Lucy (the youngest) seemed to be more convincing than the rest.

Oh and apparently my wife is the most wonderful person in the world (or so I've just been told :) )

Also have found a comic shop in Bermuda so that's ok we can move here ;) Ness was so happy when I told her that.

Apparently I'm needed to help wrap presents.


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