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Monday, October 24, 2005

Geeky stuff

Well cut down my number of os's to two. Win XP and SUSE 10.
And got World of Warcraft working under Suse so happy there. And it appears to run quicker and at a higher resolution than under XP.

id and Raven have also released Linux binaries for Quake 4. So that'll be fun as well ;)

Still need to finish Half Life2. Currently stuck on the bit where youhave to position the sentry guns (not really from Aliens special edition) but will hopefully sort that bit out soon.

And met a guy called Nephilim on WOW playing an undead character. So we chatted about being sad old goths for a bit ;)


At 6:25 am, Blogger dan said...

Not one but two posts! Ambassador, you are spoiling us.
You can turn off robot spam comments from the blogger front page by the way - I was getting a few of them recommending swimming pool websites and the like.

Is the HL2 bit you're stuck at in the corridor at Nova Prospekt? Three turrets, loads of troops and some manhacks? There is a really simple way to do it - I won't write it in case you want to sort it out yourself but ask if you want me to tell you. And don't forget what you can do with your gravity gun....

At 8:41 am, Blogger Marcus said...

Yea but you need to either only allow authenicated comments or get people to type in the word in the box.

Both of which are good but seeing as I don't get many comments as it is, I want to make it easy for people.

However if I get many more spam then it gets turned on.

Pity I can't delete comments.


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