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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reviews of books read recently

Well after seeing KJ Parkers Scavenger trilogy (the one with crows on each of the books) for ages and wondering about it I noticed he/she has a new book out called Devices and Desires which has a really nice cover (yes covers do make a difference) and sounded interesting.

Really good, an adult (not sex) fantasy novel with no pixie shit, it is however the first in a trilogy. It reminded me of China Mielville's Perdido Street Station, although it's neither as different or political as that.
So I read some of the reviews for his/her's first trilogy Fencer and saw lots of people get grumpy that it appeared to have a unhappy ending.

Anyway I got hold of the Scavenger trilogy from Amazon's market place. (Very cheap books, very expensive postage and packaging). So reading them after I knock off a few of David Morrell's newer thrillers. Long Lost and The Protector.

Will report back with general stuff about all of these when I have finished them.

Have fun

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