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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Games/ OSs/ Music

Well indeed New Model Army had a new album out on the 5th of September. After listening to it on repeat since I've got it. I like it, a lot.

The first few listens I really wasn't sure. The first track I really didn't like at all. And generally it was ok apart from Island which was the single that I heard before (and really liked) but after repeatedly playing it, it has got a lot better. Not as good as Thunder and Consolation or Impurity and no track is as good as Green and Gray or No Pain.

And after listening to a lot of NMA recently I've discovered my favorite track is Drummy B (The Billy McGan version) which I really didn't think it would be.

I have now have 3 OSs install on my pc

Windows XP (boo hiss) runs everything, but had so much anti spam, anti-virus, firewall etc on it, it takes ages to start up and has cost a load.

SUSE 9.3, is really quick and is the OS I use the most. It runs Quake3 Area, Half Life2, Doom3, Starcraft but will show the mac area of dual format cds, so won't install Warcraft3, Diablo2, StarCraft Brood war, and won't run Itunes. Cost £59 for the whole distro including an absolute ton of software. Burning DVDs (yep the software for that is included). Oh to play all the games apart from the id ones I bought some software from www.transgaming.com so there is cost involved

SUSE 10 OSS release client 1. This is new from (www.opensuse.org) this will show the PC area of dual format cds or dvds so will install the above but I can't get the ATI graphics drivers working yet. So Diablo2 and Starcraft (and it's expansion) will run but the stuff that needs 3d is a bit broken. :(

And the real reason I'm spending any time at all using XP is that I can't get World of Warcraft to run under Linux yet. And seeing as the evil people at PC Gamer have included a 14 day free demo of WOW I am spending a lot of time in XP. Addictive game no never :)

Another game that was demo'd was Fahrenheit it's a really good looking and playing adventure type game. Very interesting story line, you start by playing someone who has killed someone in an American Diner but he wasn't in control of his body at the time. So that looks good as well.

And will Valentino Rossi win the MotoGP championship with 6 races still to go, in Japan tomorrow, well we'll see.


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Xbox 360's New Media Play Finding Fans (eWeek)
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Have a nice day,


At 3:33 pm, Blogger dan said...

september 17th, Marcus, september 17th


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