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Saturday, July 16, 2005

More Books

Well have read the two David Morrell books (see last post for more info )
Protector was good and had the usual amount of interesting info about weapons etc. The neurolistic programing was interesting, am planning on seeing if I can use it at work :) A better book about this subject is The Fifth Profession (also by David Morrell)

Long lost is a lot better. It about a man coming to terms with something he did when he was a kid. And how that lost him his kid brother and then his wife and kid. And obviously seeing as this is written by the same guy who wrote First Blood, it's also about what he does to get them back.

Oh I am aware of the irony of me enjoying reading books like these when people have tried to blow up bits of London.

On a lighter note Harry Potter 6 is out today so that'll be the next book I read (as long as Mr Postie delivers it today)

Oh Dan does this a lot better .


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