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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Half dog half grizzley bear all Lenny

A few days ago Ness heard from a friend that someone she knew was going put down a Rottweiller dog they had because they couldn't handle it. There was no attempt to re-home it, that was it unless something happen by 5pm on the next day the dog was going to die. (Vets are not supposed to do this on healthly animals so we're not 100% that this would of happened)

So Ness drove to Bristol after checking out various people who said yes they would be interested, and picked up this small pony of a dog. The owner was completely crap and unable to do anything. Ness (still on one crutch) walked in and got the dog under control within minutes.

Needless to say a good deed never goes un-punished, and all the people who had shown interest including one couple who had experience of Rotties and said they were deffinatly interested, dropped out.

As you may know from my flickr page we have two kittens (well they have just turned one so cats really) and the arrival of this huge slobbering dog wasn't going to go down well. But we didn't have a choice. Lenny got talken for a walk (there wasn't too much him talking me for one :) ) and then stayed in our smallish back garden until we shut him in the bathroom for the night so the cats wouldn't feel threatened.

After discussing it we realised that we really couldn't keep him as it would be cruel to both him and the cats. Our house and garden is just not big enough for him. We would have had to tie him up outside, the bathroom was ok for one night. So today Ness took him to Battersea Dogs home. They are going to look after him until they can rehome him.

He's a wonderfully even tempered dog, fine with other animals and adults. He does have an issue with children, apparently he was abused by some at his first owners. As he's hasn't been walked for about 3 months he overweight at the moment. But he did have three very long walks while we had him so I don't think he wants walks ever again. :)

I hope that his next owners treat him well.


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