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Sunday, September 10, 2006

T-1 day

Well it's still on track. Have taken a few videos with my phone that I'm planning on editing together and post after it all calms down.

After all the prepartions yesterday went out to a restaurent in town called Portofino's which Ness' dad likes a lot and is a really nice Italian place.

Anyway I've eaten there before (it really is lovely) and funnily enough do like pizzas. And the best pizza in the entire world is a Calzone, which is a folded Cornish Pastie type affair (oh yea even though I am from Devon I hate Cornish Pasties sorry Paul). So far the best Calzone I have ever had was a takeaway pizza place in Headingly, Leeds called Harpos, I used to live on these when I was a student and when I had the money (which was often as they were really cheap)

Anyway Portofino's Calzone is almost as good but is much much bigger (and the Harpo's one was sold in a shoe box). The one I had last night was hanging off a plate that looks about 12inchs in diameter. So very big. Basically I now don't need to eat until Flo gone her way. :)


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