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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The new year (Dan's off)

Well here is 2006 (yep I'm only 10 days late ;) )

Went up to Nottingham last weekend to see Dan before he and his wife Ester leave from Tokyo. This meant several things. Drinking quite a bit more than I should have but not nearly as much as Dan :)
Buying lots of comics from Page 45 which I didn't leave in every pub we went to, this is much better than Dan's stag where I did. Thanks to Stephen from Page 45 who kept taking me back to the every pub we have just left.

I also bought the latest Fields of the Nephilim album Mouring Sun, which is really good dodgy old goth.

Had a really good weekend seeing Dan, Ester, Rich, Tina, Tom, Denise, and Kip anywhere Conway (so named for being able to sleep anywhere and everywhere)

I hope Dan and Ester have a great time in Japan.


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