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Thursday, March 09, 2006

War of the worlds not completely rubbish, shock

Well saw (as you may have guessed from the subject) War of The Worlds.

And surprise, surprise Tom Cruise didn't save the world, and in fact it wasn't completely rubbish.

It actually followed the story (urm from the album, I've never actually read the book, which is really bad of me) quite closely, or at least the themes of the story.
Yep the Reverend and Artilleryman were combined to become one person. But it was still about one man running away and hoping that something will fix it all.

Yep there was the blowing up of one tripod with grenades and Cruise noticing the shield was done on one. But seeing as that one was going to die soon anyway it doesn't really count.

Mind you, the film didn't move me at all, and I didn't care about anyone in it. Dakota Fanning's character was the best acted but seeing as all she really had to do was look with big eyes and scream that's not a huge accomplishment. I do feel that's a tad harsh when the actor is about 10 and she was much better than the child actors in Naria.

Might to watch Serenity again to see how a SF film should be done. ;)


At 5:34 am, Blogger dan said...

I thought it was decent as well. Didn't enjoy it quite so much second time round on the small scrren, and the ending where his son comes back is just ridiculous, but it was far better than I expected.
Nice political subtext as well - Tim Robbins in the basement saying "occupations always fail", Tom Cruise as suicide bomber, an invading army bought to its kness by something in the land that they had no idea about or plan for....remind you of anything? Spielberg is getting arsey in his old age - seen Munich? A film essentially about the pointlessness of revenge that ends with a shot of the World Trade Centre?

At 6:35 am, Blogger Marcus said...

I'm not sure that you can give credit to Spielberg for following the ending of the book. But that might have been one of the reasons he did the film. It's not like he needs the money.

I missed the other political stuff,but yes what you say makes sense.

I'm getting more sure that while you should study the past to make sure you don't make the same mistakes again, living in the past is itself a huge mistake. And no I've not seen Munich but I think I will now.


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