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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekend and music site

Well this weekend we spent the entire time clearing out the loft so we can, in a few weekends time, re-lay new insulation and put down boards so we can put all the stuff we have taken down (minus the stuff Ness has Freecycled and we have bined) back up along with all the stuff we aren't taking to Bermuda initally.

I also cut the old water tank up so we could get it down. So a very long way from my favorite activities for working/playing the computer, reading etc. Needless to say not my favorite weekend but it needed doing and when we have finished on the loft it'll mean we have a lot more storage space up there.

Also heard that Ness' and my friend Tony and his Wife Margaret have gained a new son. I mean in the normal way, they didn't like just find him at the shops or anything ;) So welcome John Matthew (or Matthew John, Tony obviously did say but I forgot, as Bill Hicks once said they are not alive until they're in my phone book) into the world.

I also found out by playing with Amarok (the music player that comes with SUSE Linux using KDE) about Last.fm a music social site. So here's a link to my profile.
http://www.last.fm/user/fmwt/ as you can see I've only joined up today. You can get pluggins that will upload info about what you're listening to (or you could use a proper OS and Amarok has it built in ;) )

The Nephilim album Mourning Sun is really good. So far Straight to the Light is my favorite track, and the cover of In the Year 2525 is so far from the original track. Which (in my shame) I actually quite like even if it is a 60s Hippy type track. (This is from memory, after I've got it [using iTunes unfortunatly] I will be no doubt saying something else)


At 5:34 pm, Blogger dan said...


i'm there. Please be my friend

At 6:55 pm, Blogger Marcus said...

tis done.


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