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Sunday, September 10, 2006

10pm Sunday

Not a lot happened. Just wind and rain. All ok. Waiting for the real thing tomorrow at 9:30am
Ok edit to actually make this into a real post.

After the thunderstorm at 10:00 it's basically done nothing all day.

To alivate the boredom, my in laws and myself took a trip down to South Shore, popped into Mid Ocean Club and had a look at the waves. Apparently this is a common destination before a hurricane as Phil from Limey in Bermuda went there too. I have a few photos and videos from the day but they're on phones and cameras and I haven't re-plugged in the desktop to upload them . I'll do that after the Hurricane goes away. (If the power goes down here it'll wait until work on Tuesday.)

In an idea nicked (as well an actual copy and paste, he gets a lot more traffc than me so I don't feel too guilty :) ) from Limey here's some other blogs posting about Flo.
Bill Davidson, Sean Soares, Shawn and Sue and Mark Carey.


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