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Monday, September 11, 2006

Post Hurricane Post.

Well it all went past, not 100% sure it did end up being a Hurricane. No damage to the house (or any people inside it). Ended up watching series 1 of House until the power cut at about 14:00. Then went to bed for a while as we were knackered. As it was all over by about 17:00 we started clearing up , and are now ready to go back to work tomorrow. As it looks like another one is turning up on thursday, we're not putting most stuff back outside.

Hopefully the power will come back up tonight or early tomorrow. Luckily as we're in a valley we didn't get hit with much of it. I hope everyone else had as an easy ride of it as we did.

Anyway first hurricane (or maybe tropical storm not sure what it ended up being) was a bit boring. But I'm told that this is much better than the alternative.


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