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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The crane part 2

Well after the huge (for me) influx of readers on Sunday and Monday (a whole 126 page loads and 94 unique visitors) I'm sure I'll get back to single figures again very soon.

For everyone that was worried that the Crane was going to be turned into a large pretzel by the storm, don't worry, looking at it today I could see no damage at all. (Yes I'm a bit disappointed by that as well)

For some reason the most of the videos I took yesterday got corrupted but I do a have a few of trees being blown around.

Click on these links
Vid 1
Vid 2
Vid 3
Vid 4
Vid 5

There are all quite short, which makes things better. :)

There is another storm coming up but that looks like it's going to pass about 300 nautical miles away, so that shouldn't cause any problems.


At 2:41 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

I love the dancing tree. Have you considered becoming its manager?


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