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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Governments (a bit of politics)

Recently the Bermudian government (or perhaps it was just one element of it) have made a series of really good decision about information and how to distribute it, and one huge howler.

There's a blog about a Bermudian Policy called Sustainable Developement which initially had problems hosting files as well. So someone asked Limey in Bermuda to host the documents. Really good idea number one.

Anyway when Florence hit, the Bermuda Government web site went down (and in fact still appears to be down) so the above blog was hijacked to give information about the hurricane, and what to do. Really good idea number 2.

After Flo (as her friends like to call her) I along with a load of other Bermuda blogs and forums, got an email asking if we would like to help distribute information in the future. Basically the idea is if you have a network of information sources it's better than having a single one. Really good idea number 3 (slightly letdown by including me, however this was mitigated by sending it to the wrong email address ;) )

Now apparently TPTB have got the hump about the above Documents being on Limey's site. And asked him to take them down. So the whole idea about the having a network of sites distrbuting the information is already ignored. Funnily enough not a great idea

Now reading between the lines it looks like all the good ideas can be traced to one person (or one department) and the bad idea comes from higher up in the Bermudian Govenment. Now Limey isn't even that critical of the current Govenment.

On a slightly related note am going to see a play of Ben Elton's book Popcorn tonight so that should be fun.

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