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Monday, October 16, 2006

Fast ferry trip, and browser stats

Work organised a trip out on a local ferry on Friday evening. Not too interesting you say, well the ferry's called the Wildcat and is a 2,000bhp catamaran , it holds about 35 people and will do over 45 knots. Which is a bit quick in nautical terms. All very good fun and just highlights again how small this place is. If I could travel the fastest I've ever been on my bike for the lenght of it would take me 9 minutes to go from end to end. Ignoring the whole riding into sea and drowing element.

After not posting anything for a while I've just checked out the stats for this page. And Firefox is running at 39% which is good. Linux is there at 6% which could be better, but I think I might need to actually write something technical and interesting to get any more Linux users.

On the Bermuda front 1 in 5 people are using Firefox (to visit this site) which is much better than it was, however I don't think I can start saying 20% of all Bermudians surf with it. Unless I also want to clain that all Chinese surf using Linux and firefox. (Had 1 chinese visitor and yep that's what (s)he used)

Urm stats can be made to say what you want.


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