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Saturday, February 26, 2005

WorldSuperbikes and Bridget Jones

Well not a headline you'll see every day ;)

After many years of Ducati ruling the World Superbike (WSB) races, this year has just started and things are not going their way.

For people who don't know about bike racing Superbikes are basically road bikes, tuned and bits changed. But when road bikes are putting out 160BHP (break horse power) there isn't a huge amount of changing that is done, a WSB bike is pushing 200BHP. MotoGP are prototype bikes built just for racing (like Formula 1) they put out about 250BHP.

Anyway the first round (WSB has two races in each round) was in Qatar (which is desert state in the Middle East) and all the way through the practice it rained. This place has on average 3 days of rain a year and it appears all three of them arrived when people were trying to go round a track a very high speed on bikes.

The first race was rain interrupted and was eventually won by Troy Corser on a Suzuki GSXR1000, World Champion from last year James Toseland (from Britian) didn't have a good race and ended up in 6th. He along with his team mate are basically the only real change Ducati has on doing anything this year. Luckily Laconi (the team mate) came third in the first race.

The second race was won by Yukio Kagayama, Yukio is Troy Corser team mate and came second in the first race. He ran an brilliant race, made all the more amazing because he almost died in an huge accident in 2003 while racing in Britian at a track I have ridden around. Laconi came second, Corser third, Toseland came 6th but had a much better race than the first.

While Ducati have a change of winning the championship and Toseland and Laconi are definitly people to watch, other teams including the Suzuki's of Corser and Kagayama are not going to make it in anyway easy.

And Bridget Jones?

Well Ness got me series 3 of 24 as a present which I already had it, so swapped it for the box set of both Bridget Jones films :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson - 1937-2005

The Great Thompson Hunt - Hunter S. Thompson - King of Gonzo!

One of my favorite writers and all round great person. He pissed off people who needed to be pissed off. And was really really funny.

Depressed now.