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Sunday, April 15, 2007

General stuff and news

Well after a load of good fun things happening the last week has been not as good.

I hit a small wall in the car which pushed back the driver's side front wheel by about an inch. So that's not great.

Then riding home on wednesday I locked the front wheel when some muppet in front decided the best course of action was to jam on their brakes when a police car was going the other direction with it's lights and sirens going. There was nothing in front of the car or in front of the police car so why stopping was the option I have no idea.

And yes I should be able to stop safely in any and all circumstances, I was surprised after checking out the police car to look back to the car in front of me and see it stopped. I shouldn't have braked as hard as I did in the rain. So yep I take responsibility for it.

But in the good news department a friend sent me a link to this which then led me to this Google tool.

And Britian James Toseland is currently leading the World Superbike championship, and in fact has done since round 1.