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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Music, Kung Fu and 250bhp bikes

In my search (well, general wander around the net and my friends) for new (to me) music I bought KT Tunstall's album Eye to the Telescope and asked the nice Web Mistress over at John Connolly's site for a copy of Voices from the Dark (http://www.johnconnollybooks.com/voicesfromthedark.html the blogger linky thing didn't like this)

Eye to.. is alright so far but not great (but I have only listened to it once and I think it's a grower)
Voices.. is a really good compliation, mostly of stuff/from people I've never heard of before. It is sorely missing a New Model Army track, which I had suggested to Mr Connolly but in his reply he mentioned how Joolz Denby had lent him some NMA stuff so it was probably just too new to him :)

Saw Kung Fu Hustle which was really, really good once you got used to it. Very funny and odd.

This weekend MotoGP bikes will be racing around Laguna Seca for the first time in 10 years. It's a difficult track with 2 corners after one another with a drop of a 10 storey building in between (It's called the Corkscrew). There are a far few Americans in MotoGP who are very good at this track.

In a bold attempt at prediction, I would say all the Americans will be very good early on and then Valentino Rossi will work out the track and be on the front row and then win.

MotoGP is filled with World Champion bike racers and there is probably no one better outside this championship. Rossi is another step up.

Listening to : ASO3