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Thursday, March 09, 2006

War of the worlds not completely rubbish, shock

Well saw (as you may have guessed from the subject) War of The Worlds.

And surprise, surprise Tom Cruise didn't save the world, and in fact it wasn't completely rubbish.

It actually followed the story (urm from the album, I've never actually read the book, which is really bad of me) quite closely, or at least the themes of the story.
Yep the Reverend and Artilleryman were combined to become one person. But it was still about one man running away and hoping that something will fix it all.

Yep there was the blowing up of one tripod with grenades and Cruise noticing the shield was done on one. But seeing as that one was going to die soon anyway it doesn't really count.

Mind you, the film didn't move me at all, and I didn't care about anyone in it. Dakota Fanning's character was the best acted but seeing as all she really had to do was look with big eyes and scream that's not a huge accomplishment. I do feel that's a tad harsh when the actor is about 10 and she was much better than the child actors in Naria.

Might to watch Serenity again to see how a SF film should be done. ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Snakes, bikes and Linux

A friend (Mark) had his 30th birthday party last night, and I got introduced to his 2 new snakes.

One was a foot long baby python called Topaz, she was really sweet and didn't mind me carring her around for a while.
The other was a 6 foot long boa called Colin (the constrictor), Mark carried him around but i did stroke him. I had never touched a snake before, and actually really enjoyed it.

Well World Superbikes have started up again. James Toseland from the UK (2004 champion) has started off much better than last year. After 4 races he's current second in the championship, one point of the leader, Troy Bayliss from Oz.

Also I read this (http://www.whiprush.org/2006/03/tegnologiedetro.html) about taking donated computers, teaching kids in deprived areas to configure them and install Linux (licensing reasons mean you can't do this with Wind0ws) and then familes in the area get $100 computers. I assume the kids working on the computers are members of the families who get the computers. But even if they aren't they get tutorials on various elements of computing, from hardware, web page coding, etc.

Been watching a new TV Show called "How I met you mother" the only reason I got into it in the first place was because Alyson Hannigan from Buffy is in it, and after a slightly ropey pilot episode, it's really good. There are elements of Friends in there, and if you hated everything single thing about Friends then this probably isn't for you. Basically a father tells his kids stories, in the future, about how he met their mother. But he hasn't met her yet. It uses flashbacks in a similar way to Wonder years. It's not as smultzy as this makes it sound. And the characters are funny. The guy who played Dougie Howser (and also was in Starship Troopers) plays a single guy who wants to stay single and have one night stands for ever. He is very funny.