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Sunday, July 09, 2006

After a month of working

Well after a month of being on the Island and working, it's really good. Everyone's really cool at work.

Have used the pool a few times and will be using it again next weekend when we're having a party to celebrate mine and Ness' second anniversary.

Have seen Superman Returns which was really good. I'm not a huge Superman fan, preferring the slightly (to very) darker tales of Batman, but like Alan Moore's Superman stories (he only did a few), I really enjoyed the film. Loved the image of Superman waiting in space to hear the next crisis, I'm pretty sure it's nicked from an Alex Ross painting but still :)

When I left LGC they gave me a load of books, DVDs, and cds.
I am currently watching the complete Babylon 5 box set. Have seen Legend of the Rangers, which apart from the ludicrous targeting system wasn't too bad. I think it would have got better with development. G'kar was cool, the "no-one is what they seem" line was slightly over used. My condolences to Andreas Katsulas' family on his recent passing.

I have watched the first series, which was a lot better than I remembered, and just started the second.

Am currently getting hold of the final episode of Doctor Who. Thought last weeks was really good. And I really liked Gods and Monsters, the episode pretty much without the Doctor and Rose. Hopefully will be watching the final ep tonight.

One thing I've learned while working is that apparently Canadians don't know what bollocks means :) I will try out more slightly obscure English phrases and report back :)

ps I just been reminded that I haven't said that I have best wife in the world, in this post. How remiss of me ;) Consider it said :)