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Friday, January 26, 2007

Post from BDA Dept of Comminication and Information


Based on current weather forecasts by the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS),
the Island will continue to experience sustained winds of 50 to 60 knots
this afternoon.

As such a determination has been made by the Ministry of Works of
Engineering to close the Causeway Bridge to all vehicular traffic as of
1.30 p.m.

Members of the public are urged to stay tuned to continuous, regular
updates via the various media outlets and the Government Website
(www.gov.bm) as the situation is assessed.

An announcement as to when the Causeway will be reopened will be made as
the day progresses.

The Ministry of Education is advising parents that all Government
schools will close effective immediately due to the deteriorating
weather conditions.

Bermuda Causway looking to be closed today (Updated closing at 13:30)

Due to a storm currently hitting BDA and looking to be getting worse (gusting up to Hurricane speeds), the Ministry of Works and Engineering are currently meeting to discuss closing the Causeway.

Mum and other people who know me, this shouldn't affect me personally apart from getting a lift home in the car not riding home :)

Update: The Causeway is closing at 13:30