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Well it's now a real live blog (well might be ;) )

Saturday, September 09, 2006

T-2 days

Yep I got bored with saying Storm update or whatever.

Anyway went into work and shut all the servers down, and then went home and helped Vanessa and her parents prepare everything.
Apparently the winds and rain is just going to get stronger starting tomorrow morning, until it hits

However in the good news section we have made it to the BBC Website and also CNN.
As our living room is now full of stuff from around the pool, the cats are having a great time hiding in odd places, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Bast decides to attack me from under neath something. (But that's just because she's evil)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Florence update

Well it still looks like it going to hit but the people who know seem to think it'll be a CAT2 which is windy but nothing too serious. It moving faster towards us and it now looks like it'll pass on the Eastern side (a whole 30NM away, ie pretty much nothing)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storm update

Apparently Florence will become a cat 3 hurricane by the time it get close to us. Well that'll be fun :)

The next couple of days will be made up as follows.

Friday (tomorrow)
Chat about the hurricane instead of working (there's always an excuse not to work ), do some last minute food shopping (including cat food)

Do house prepartion work, so move anything that isn't nailed down inside. Close all the shutters. Dump loads of chemicals into the water tanks. Basically prepare for a period of time without electricity (and possible no internet sob).

Watch telly, depending on how things go nip into work and turn off all the servers. (This might happen saturday night, or whenever I get bored and decide to turn them off remotely)
Randomly put more gibberish up here. Watch some more of Carnivale (series 2 has turned up, hurray). Still have all 5 seasons of Angel to watch as well, which will fill some time (assuming power is still on).

Sunday evening and monday it all depends on what has happened.

Of course I'm sure that at some point I'll get the chance to quote Hudson from Aliens "All we need now is a deck of cards" :) Yes Dan that one is for you :)

Is this going to here next week.

Is this going to here next week.
Is this going to here next week.,
originally uploaded by fmwt.
A large building is being built near to city hall (behind me when I took this photo). To build this, a large crane has been cemented into the ground.

I'll photograph it again next week (unless Florence turns the corner and goes somewhere) to see what damage, if any has been caused.

Just been to the hardware shop and bought loads of candles and torches and other stuff.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tropical storm approaching

Tropical Storm Florence might come within 239 nautical miles of here.
Watch this http://www.sharkoil.bm/tracking to check out it's progress. It's going to hit (or get close) on the 11th at 02:30am

A report from the local news paper.

Another newer report.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sandcastles, Carnivale and Creaming Jesus

Bermuda had a sandcastle competition, well sand sculpture really. Here are some photos from some of the better ones, and also one really big one by a professional team.

After wandering up and down the beach looking at these we ended up at the newer Swizzle Inn down the Southampton End of the island. It wasn't as good as the older Swizzle but still a nice meal.

As it's been raining all day yesterday and today I've finally got round to watching Carnivale (I got the season 1 box set for Christmas) I'm kinda of glad that they stopped after the second series (which I haven't seen yet, it's on it's way) as I then know it's got an end. The first season was really good. As with most of the TV shows I like, there is a narative (arc) to the whole thing.

After getting hold of Dan's recommendation Early Day Miners' Offshore I while ago I had forgotten about it (it was left on my laptop and never moved to the desktop) well finally remembered it and it's playing now. Despressing music I love it ;)

On a slightly more Goth/Punk shouty mad people note. I appear (according to Last.fm) to be Creaming Jesus' biggest fan :)