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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Prospero's Cave

Got invited out on the parents' of a friend's boat today. Went for a sail for all the afternoon and generally had a really good time.

As usual I swam in the sea with all the style and elegance of a rock. (in a spooky aside Ozric Tentacles' Sploosh has been picked by my music player)

We swam to the shore at one point and went to see some caves, one of them being called Prospero's Cave. I have a feeling this is called this in the same way that most of Cornwall has King Arthur related place names, as Bermuda was first settled in 1609 and Shakespeare died in 1616. Anyway it was really nice and there was a large pool in the cave that you could swim in. (It was a look more refreshing and cool than the sea which was warm). However seeing as Bermuda has a history of Hurricanes and Tornados it does fit with the Tempest.

Had a night out on Friday night, and ended up at a place called the Swizzle Inn (you go drinking in Bermuda and you usually end up at one of the two Swizzles). Some blokie was belting out Billy Joel covers which was a little odd, but he was very good. Next time I go in I'm planning on asking him if he's heard of Marah. And Dan (god of all music that's odd) has suggested Offshore by Early Day Miners I'm hoping that this can be ordered for slightly less than my left arm.

Every year Bermuda has a Cup match where the two ends of the island place against each other at Cricket. The entire island shuts for two days, so we had a 4 day weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to go to it but maybe next year.

For any fans of Serenity/Firefly you can download (legally and for free) a fan made documentary about the whole thing. Called Done the Impossible it's looking good so far (I've watched about half).