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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sitting in a pub next to my hotel

Well I've been in Canada for about 4 hours. Since then I've landed (always a good start) got to my hotel (all good so far) and then went for a wander. For those who don't know Toronto, basically it's a grid which is a bit boring but makes things easy to find. I'm on Bloor street which is the main street going east to west. Down the centre is Yonge street. To the west of Yonge is Bloor street West. I'm on 280 Bloor street west. East from here is Oxford street like shops. I went in HMV just for Dan. :) West is more hippy student type shops. Needless to say bought a load of Christmas presents from the hippy shops :) Also I just so happen to be staying near a comic shop which is Page45 in it's coolness (well nearly). As it's actually illegal to go into a comic shop in Canada and not buy some Cerebus, I did (Signed phone book of Guys). I also bought a copy of Absolute Sandman. Due to currancy wierdness this ended up being about 30 quid (I'm not sure who much it's in the UK but I seem to remember around double that). I resisted buying the Sandman 10th aniversary statue that the shop had discounted if you bought Absolute Sandman. Good thing the shop closes before I would start drinking as I might get it anyway.