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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Everyone thinks Serenity was great

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After checking out what they had in Music Box today, bought the Region 1 box set of Carnivale, something I have heard good things about but not seen any off.

Region 2 of Serenity (and also maybe Night Watch) will be turning up in Feb.

And Dan did say it first about Walking Dead, which just shows how great and cool he is. Hopefully he'll read Vellum and explain it to me ;)

Monday, December 26, 2005


Well as part of my Christmas presents I got some gift vouchers for a local dvd/music shop (Music box in case anyone from Bermuda ever reads this).

So do I buy Region 1 Serenity which I will leave here or shall I wait until Feb and get region 2 which has more extras on it. Or I could buy both?

Thing is if I don't buy it from here I'm not hugely sure what to get from the shop as the music is mostly reggae.

Also after reading an interview with Carl Hiassen I decided to pick up Christopher Paolini's Eragon which I found in a Book shop here. Considering the guy is 19 now and wrote this a few years ago (admittedly he has re-written bits of it since then) this is a really good fantasy. Yep it does suffer from some fairly obvious plot devices, but you can excuse that as it's supposed to be a young adults book. The writing really doesn't come across as from a teen. Anyway am really looking forward to getting book 2 of (well it's fantasy they have to come in threes) the trilogy.

Also picked up book 4 of the collected Walking Dead. Still very good. I was going to talk about how impressed I was with Dan about him realising that the title refers to the survivors not the Zombies, until I read the final page of this collection where one of the characters makes that very point. However I can't find where Dan said it in his blog so I wont.

Proper weather

Well just in case anyone was worried about the weather here. We had two really nice days of 20-23 degrees C and in fact went walking on the beach and paddling in the sea on Christmas day ;)

Now it's back to wet, cold (relatively) and windy. Really not looking forward to going back to -7 degrees C overnight weather.

Meant to say a while ago that I got wireless working under SUSE Linux. The only slight issue was that the OS was 64bit as the processor is an p4 with 64bit extensions. Once I realized that I had to find a 64bit windows driver for the nic. And configured ndiswrapper with it. There is the slight issue of it losing the default gateway after a few hours which I still need to sort out but it's generally fine.