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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good friday kite flying (and making sandcastles)

Well good friday in Bermuda is about flying kites, I have no idea why but hay I'm just going with it.

Yesterday I got tricked into helping a friend (Helen) make her kite (traditional Bermuda kites are made not bought).

Well today started off with a thunderstorm and lots and lots of rain, but luckily it all went away, so down to the beach me and Ness went. We met up with Helen, her cousin (Naomi) and Naomi boyfriend Chris.
Due to the weather and Helen leaving her kite at work we couldn't fly hers. But Ness (being all prepared and everything) had already bought some cheap plastic ones. Needless to say these were mocked by Bermudians but did have the advantage of flying.

After we got bored with flying kite (it just went up in the air a long way) we buried the handle in the sand and proceded to make a big sandcastle. All in all a really fun day.

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