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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Loki update and new book by Joolz

Well after pretending to be a lampshade for a few weeks he's has the stitches out and no longer has to wear the collar. He's much happier about this.
We decided not to take photos and post them on the net for all the world to see as that would be cruel, that and the batteries ran out on Ness' camera.

Joolz Denby has a new book out. Borrowed Light. It's about surfing and set in Cornwall (ok obviously it's not about surfing). I'm about half way through and so far it's as good as Billy Morgan (Orange prize shortlisted and Booker longlisted Billy Morgan). As I have been a fan of Joolz' art from the covers of New Model Army albums, and her spoken word albums for years, it's not a huge surprise that I've always liked her books.

That and the fact that I seem to always buy them from the merchandising stall at Army gigs and get her to sign them :) Unfortunatly not this time.

And finally a great photo of Dan and Godzilla. Dan's on the left. (Oh ok I'm sorry but I've been thinking about that joke since Dan sent me the link :) )