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Friday, April 28, 2006

Wolves in the Walls & Tai Chi

As it was my birthday today Ness (my wife) took me to the theatre to see Wolves in the Walls, my best man Mark also came along. This is a Neil Gaimen/Dave McKean children's book turned into a musical. It took a while to get going but was funny and the puppet wolves were very cool.

It was fun chatting after the musical and was nice to know that I wasn't gibbering when I said to Ness a while ago about a film term ovre (no idea how it's spelt, it's a French world describing a director's body of work)

Have started going to Tai Chi twice a week now. We have done the Yang Style short form and I can usually muddle my way through with too many huge mistakes.
Our instructor has also being teaching us Hsing-I and Ba Gau (also spelt Pa Kwa) as well as the Yang Style long form. Hopfully will find an instructor in Bermuda who teaches these styles.

I'm really enjoying this and it's really nice to learn something new that isn't work or computer related. Which this in mind I'm going to take up climbing (there is a climbing wall outside Ness' dad's office in Bermuda so planning on going there). Mark and his wife Pu bought me a climbing crabina and belaying thingy. Me and Ness are hoping to make it down to Bristol before we move as a friend works in a climbing centre. Needless to say I'll probably be rubbish at it ;)