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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Tardis is a Vorlon???

Perhaps that's it, after the Vorlon's left for the Rim, they met the Timelords and agreed to become their ships.

Or perhaps not.

Still a bloody good last episode of a really good series.

Tracks of music: Ohh it's New Model Army. :)

Another birthday present

Fizz (her of the yogurt weaving comment and Ness' Bridemaid) got me these from the Eden Project. Very cool and good. And of course so hippy they are almost Totnes. :)

It's far toooo hot today. Riding the full leathers in 31 degees C is very hot but that's why I have to go fast. The wind cools you down, well that's my excuse :)

Tunes: Adequate 7

Don't chase away the aliens, they might be here to pick me up

Just re-installed Mame and am now playing Rtype :)

And yet again stuck on the big ship on section 3. I have done this in the past. (Urm spent a lot of time in the Student Union bar during the day playing Rtype 1 & 2, many many years ago) But not got past it since I have installed it. :(

On a completely un-related note. Went to some Bike Club racing a few months ago at Brands Hatch. (http://www.bemsee.co.uk/) Watched some friends go racing. Cherie Christian and various members of the Fiesty Racing team. Had a really good time and am planning on going again. (And if I get some money organised maybe give it a go ;) this is so not going to happen )

Cherie is one of the racers you can adopt at www.adopt-a-racer.org.uk so if you're interested and have some spare cash pop along.

Music: Skatenigs andThe Doors.