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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opps 2 months have gone

So yep, went to New York and saw New Model Army twice. It was really cool.

Got to chat with must of the band after the second gig.

Bought a new laptop, a Mac Book pro. It's lovely and really nice :)

Then did lights on a show called "Intimate Apparel" (in Bermuda, the link a review of a professional show of it). It was really good.

Then moved to a new cottage which is really nice.
Then went on holiday to Toronto and Guelph for 10 days. Had a really good time there. Lots of meeting people and eating and relaxing. Unfortunately got the cough of death.

Came back and got rid of cough of death (hurray) and got 2 kittens. :)

Pictures to follow of kittens