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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writer's strike (and bad back)

And all member of the Writers Guild of America are on strike, so tv shows live Lost, 24, Gray's Anatomy, Dollhouse (new Joss Whedon show hurray) and many many many, in fact all shows that have writers are picketing and stopping.

Good for them, I watch a fair bit of tv and it's all story driven stuff the sort where the writers and show runners (exec producers) are the people who create the worlds that I spend time in.

From what I have read the strike isn't really, it's a stopping working as the old contract has expired and the new one is (to be honest) taking the piss.
Here's a link to lots more info about it
As I have a training course in LA (hurray going to LA :) ) sort of hoping that I get a change to visit the picket lines to both show my support and go 'ere you're Joss Whedon :) Of course my course is bound to be miles from the picket lines and LA is bound to be massive

In other news my back is very angry at me, and i spent most of yesterday at the ER. Home now and hoping that drugs and my chiropractor appointment on tuesday (monday is a holiday in Bermuda) will fix it all.

But need to get a GP so I can get a MRI so I can find out if anything serious is happening with it