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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Really new year

Went to some friends for a meal on New Year's eve and then went in their boat to watch fireworks be set off at St George's (this is kind of Bermuda's New York's Time square, only we have a onion that drops instead of an apple). It was really nice and seeing the packed crowd in St George we were very glad we were on the boat.

And yes I did forget to take photos, which is a pain.

Christmas, & new year.

Went back to the UK for Christmas, Ness had an operation on her wrist to take a plate out of it. This is hopefully the last op from the accident nearly 4 years ago. It went really well and considering how much travelling we did over Christmas, (Bermuda [plane], London [train], Woking [train], Plymouth [plane], Gatwick [plane], Bermuda) she had a lot better Christmas than I had thought she would have.

Saw my parents and sister and family which was really good.

Got loads of books for Christmas which was great. Started the new Robin Hobb series and a friend at work lent me the first of the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire series. (He didn't tell me that it's a 7 book series and only the first 4 are out, the git :) )

New year next post as I need to go out to taxi Ness to her weekend job.