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Monday, October 23, 2006

New Bike

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Well bought a new bike. It's a 125cc MZ SM125 Supermotard. Supermotards are bascially dirt bikes with street tyres. Got it second hand, it's only done 4,000km so still really new.

Will hopefully be posting about how much fun it is soon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reviews of Films and Trailers

As I've seen a few films recently here's me doing a Barry Norman

Black Daliha.

So noir it went through noir and came out the other side, and became poo. I really really wanted to like this and was raving over the trailers and genarally made my wife come to see it. So when I actually thought that the projectionist had missed a reel I was a bit disappointed. It was well acted, but really badly edited or directed. It just didn't have any flow to it, and characters randomly started acting out of character for no real reason. Generally poo, (but still not as bad as Steve Martin's Pink Panther)


Now this one I was dragged to, in a it's Kevin Costner so unless it's Waterworld it'll be poo (hay I liked waterworld) and bazarely it was good, almost very good. Characters I actually cared for, well acted, The plot was a little predicablem well ok very predicable. The ending was the only thing that was both a little odd and felt slightly tagged on to turn it into a legend.

The Departed

A remake of a Hong Kong film called Inferal Affairs. This was really good, however be warned lots and lots and lots of swearing. And people getting shot. The ending was surprising and shocking but it all fitted together. Jack Nicholson went a bit Witches of Eastwick at times but to be honest I have a feeling the films went a bit Jack not the other way round. Leonardo and Matt Damon were good, Shock Matt Damon can actually act, well it was a suprise for me.

And a review of the trailers.
Saw 3. Oh for f**k's sake. (This isn't me disliking Horror films, just being bored with slasher flicks did we not learn anything from Scream?) Some one make another Clive Barker book into a film.
Eragon, loved the book, (and the second in the trilogy) heard that the film was going to be not great. But nice looking trailer. the books written by a teenager and it's got dragons in it, so don't expect War and Peace.
Random annimated animal funny. Yep it's be very funny and cool and good, but after Ice Age, and all the rest I've seen they're beginning to blur into one.
300 (ok so this wasn't on at the cinema but I saw it on www.quicktime.com) really good comic but I was strangely disappointed by the trailer. The King was a bit too shouty. What's it about I hear you ask? Well think Sin City crossed with 300 Spartian fighting against several thousand Persians. Sin City because it was written by the same guy and the 300 Spartian because well that's what happened.
Employee of the month (or whatever it was called) just crap.
Hopefully going to see all apart from Saw and Employee.