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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Computer security or why you should patch your pc

In case any of you are not patching your computer read this http://tinyurl.com/jn6nd

The important thing is
"An unpatched Windows 2000 Server was the quickest to be compromised, at an hour and 17 minutes, while unpatched Windows Server 2003 lasted slightly longer. Windows XP Professional, unpatched, lasted one hour and 12 seconds"
"However, patching does make a difference. Patched versions of Windows fared far better, remaining untouched throughout the test"

If you're using any older os the changes are your pc has already been compromised.

In a perfect world of course you'd be using Linux Smiley
"Meanwhile, Unpatched Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and SuSE Linux 9 Desktop weren't compromised during the month and a half it was exposed to the Internet."

And yes a firewall would help a lot as well

have fun

ps use Firefox that'll help as well