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Well it's now a real live blog (well might be ;) )

Friday, June 16, 2006

Quick post about my ride in this morning

Well it's raining, not really heavy rain, just slightly more than a drizzle, but as it's still 23 degress C (or so) it warm and not like the horrible wet cold drizzle you get back home.

Anyway as Bermudians seem to shrink in the rain (or at least there were a lot less on the road this morning) the traffic was a lot lighter. :)

Basically there is only one route you can take from where we are living (Shelly Bay for any locals) to where I work Par-le-ville road, there are actually quite a few passing opertunities especially if you are following some other bikes as you can tell if anything is coming as they move back to their side of the road.

Oh yesterday I saw two smart young men standing next to a main road with a big sign saying Honk if you're prayed this morning. Needless to say nearly fell of my bike laughing (as I really really hadn't), obviously someone had showed their displeasure (of whom I'm not sure) by making it rain, and they weren't there today.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Am officially here and on the internet

Well after 15 days we are indeed pretty much settled in, I'm sure there is some unpacking still to do but that's pretty normal.

Got a net connection downstairs (the walls etc are too thick for wireless) by using two of these and remarkly it works. Network stuff over power cables, just a little scary.

So we got a car. It's a yello Chevy Spark, so yes the bananamobile.
And work gave me a scooter for a month, so far I've not scared too many locals as this 50cc hairdryer with wheels passes them :) and funnily enough the speedo needle does indeed bounce off the end pin. Slightly more than 65 kph apparently, obviously not on a public road.

And yes it is hot and humid. It might thunder tonight which will actually be quite nice (although the ride tomorrow will be interesting)